About me

Software Engineer (C++ & Qt)

I’m a software engineer that loves C++ development and performance optimization. Developing in C++ made me wondering about GUI development. Because of that I became a huge fan of Qt framework. For several years I’ve developed GUI applications with such amazing framework regardless the platform or the device.

I like to help projects with performance issues and code quality improving both backend and frontend. My experience in project collaborations starts from requirements elicitation to being hands-on the code.

I consider myself a “Swiss army knife” developer and I enjoy teaching as much as learning new stuff. Recently I’ve re-started this old blog so I expect to update it from time to time with the problems I encounter and their solutions.

Currently I am working at King in Stockholm (Sweden) but I like to have contact with people around the world.

Want to know more?

You can check my GitHub or LinkedIn profiles.

I also have a page with my projects are off-topic things I consider interesting.