GitQlient 1.5.0 released

Iā€™m happy to announce the release of GitQlient 1.5.0

It has passed almost a year and is not that I forgot to maintain GitQlient, is that some of the refactoring that I wanted to include in the 1.5.0 version needed also about a big thinking on how GitQlient is designed and how its architecture looks like.

In this release I’ve focused in UX by adding more options on context menus, being more conscious about the size the widgets take and also about the information that is presented. I’m always trying to make it as readable and accessible as possible, but there are times that the space available in the screen is just no enough! šŸ˜€

As I was saying in the beginning, one big re-work that I’ve done in this version is the management of plugins. Since the addition of the Jenkins and GitHub connectivity (specially the last one), I’ve felt that GitQlient was doing too many things at once and the size of the applications (specially the libraries linked) where punishing some future usages. In the past I used to ship a GitQlientPlugin for QtCreator that due to the need of WebEngine libraries (and others as well) was impossible to do anymore. And I wanted to bring it back, so for this version I’ve managed to split this nice features in their own plugins and make them downloadable from GitQlient.

This has allowed me to add a terminal to GitQlient (as it was added in the first drafts/release if I remember correctly). The good thing is that this terminal is based (in the future will be directly gathered) on QTermWidget, so full support for output and commands in there. I’ve found myself using it quite a lot recently!

GitQlient 1.5.0 binaries

You can find the binaries for GitQlient 1.5.0 on the release section on the GitHub repo:

New features in GitQlient 1.5.0


  • Hunks view: possible to stage by hunk or by line!
  • GitQlient supports the Qt plugin system:
    • Jenkins and GitPlatform (access to GitHub/GitLab) have been moved to independent plugins.
    • Support for terminal via plugins (download managed inside GitQlient) for Linux and MacOS.
  • Shortcuts on Controls panel and for toggling Branches view.
  • Delete local branches that are grouped by folder in the branches panel.


  • Merge widget: now it’s possible to manage deleted files in the merge view.
  • Auto-fetch enabled and configurable.
  • Log output folder can be customized.
  • Font size configurable.
  • Support for global gitingore file.
  • Right panel (branches, tags, stashes, etc.) has all parts collapsable.

Known issues

  • Any MacOS issues are still opened waiting for testability on that system.

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