New UI Git plugin for QtCreator: GitQlient

Today I’m really happy to announce that the first version of the Git plugin for QtCreator has been released!

In the last post I advanced some of the final work that will be part of the first version of GitQlient. But what I didn’t explain so far is that that refactor, the re-work and addition of new functionality and the new redesign of the UI had one purpose: provide a Git plugin UI-based for QtCreator!

How to install the Git plugin

You can find the plugin in the release section of GitHub, but I give you the link as well:

Once you have downloaded the plugin, copy it into the QtCreator folder where Qt is installed (Qt/Tools/QtCreator/lib/qtcreator/plugins) or in the following folders:

  • Linux:
    • ~/.local/share/data/QtProject/qtcreator/plugin/<version>
  • Windows
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\QtProject\qtcreator\plugins\<version>
  • OSX
    • ~/Library/Application Support/QtProject/Qt Creator/plugins/<version>

You need to replace <version> with the QtCreator version (e.g. 4.10.2).

The plugin is activated by default once you have copied it, so you just will need to reboot QtCreator.

How to use the Git plugin for QtCreator

As said before, the plugin will be active by default. That will add a new tab in the left panel with the name of GitQlient (the shourtcut is managed by QtCreator and is Ctrl+4):

New tab option for GitQlient
New tab option for GitQlient

If you go in that tab you will find the main window of GitQlient as it is in the app. I’ve disabled the logs in the plugin but apart from that is the same version.

As you can see, I’ve even added the support for multiple repositories in the view:

Support for multi-repo view - GitQlientPlugin - Git plugin for QtCreator
Support for multi-repo view – GitQlientPlugin – Git plugin for QtCreator

In the top of the window you will find the main controls. You will find all the available options in context menu inside every view. The Blame&History view is also available:

Blame&History view - GiQlientPlugin - Git plugin for QtCreator
Blame&History view – GiQlientPlugin – Git plugin for QtCreator

How to report an error, bug or request a new feature

If you find an error or a bug, please contact me as soon as possible so I can fix it. I’m using GitHub issues to help me on that task.

Since the 99% of the code belongs to GitQlient, please open an issue in that repo on GitHub and I’ll manage from there 🙂

In the Project area, you can see all the new features that are planned for the version 2.0.0. If you want something that is not there, don’t hesitate to add a new issue as Feature or Improvement in the issues page as you did for bug/errors.

Further work

The plan is to release a version of the plugin every time that QtCreator updates.

In addition and not to loose all the new features, I’ll release a new version of the plugin every time that GitQlient updates.


Erik Larsson says:

Really nice work! Must test this tomorrow

jiangcaiyang says:

Great work, I was struggled by Qt Creator plugin. Because Qt Creator has changed from version to version, It is not binary compatible in minor version.

Francesc M. says:

Yeah, binary compatibility it’s a problem. That’s why I’m shipping the code as well. I hope that helps! 🙂

Adam says:

Why only 32-bit download for Windows?

Francesc M. says:

As far as I saw, Qt Creator is build using 32 bits for Windows. Or did I miss it? 🙂

wu says:

GitKraken is better than this on Linux

Francesc M. says:

Maybe it is! 🙂

But GitKraken has not a plugin for Qt Creator!

As standalone app GitKraken is privative and that you have to pay for using company repositories, I wouldn’t measure it in the same scale. In addition they have a whole team working on it.

But if you want to improve GitQlient may be you could share what do you think it is better on GitKraken. 🙂

Thomas B. says:

On Manjaro my QtCreator 4.11.0 crashed when i want to open the plugin tab:
qtcreator: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/qtcreator/plugins/ undefined symbol: _ZdlPvm, version Qt_5
quick search on the internet gave me this hint on stackoverflow:

Francesc M. says:


I’m aware of this issue. Apparently the problem is that Qt Creator on manjaro is compiled with different GCC version. I’ll double check it and if needed release a new version.

In the meantime you could try to compile it from the source, it’s really easy! 🙂

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