New release of GitQlient 1.2.0

I’m happy to announce the release of GitQlient 1.2.0

Three months after the last minor release I present a new GitQlient 1.2.0 with some fixes, several improvements and a lot of new features. For this release I’ve put the main focus in the UI/UX. That includes both the new features and the improvements of the existing ones.

During this development phase, part of the UI changes have happened in the diff widget by providing multiple views for the changes. I’ve also added a tiny text editor with syntax highlight (for C/C++ for now). Other UI/UX changes are the possibility to minimize the branches widget and to pin repositories. All of this has been marinated with an improvement in the way the settings are stored.

Finally, it is worth to mention the tech preview of GitHub/GitLab integration where you can create issues, pull/merge requests as well as see the status of those in the graph view. This is a new path that I’ll explore in the future where I have other ideas about the integration of third party apps. As a complement, from now on, GitQlient will notify you when a new version is available!

The binaries

You can find the binaries for GitQlient 1.2.0 on the release section on the GitHub repo:

What’s new in GitQlient 1.2.0?

The new version includes a lot of things:

  • Pinned tabs
  • GitHub integration (tech preview)
  • Tiny text editor
  • New diff for the WIP
  • Minimalist branches widget
  • Refactored the diff view
  • Bright colours schema
  • Update notifications
  • Settings per repository
  • More configuration options

New WIP diff view

The new diff view adds the possibility of viewing the file in differnt ways (full view or split) as well as navigate through the changes (in the split mode for now).

When the diff it’s opened from the WIP view, it also adds several extra controls like edit, stage and revert.

New WIP diff view
GitQlient – New WIP diff view

New tiny text editor

The second big feature is the tiny text editor I’ve embedded in GitQlient. It allows you to edit the files that are currently in WIP and pending to be commited.

Some times I’ve missed the ability to edit the files because I forgot something and in QtCreator may be I’ve changed the project or closed the file. I usually work with very large projects and it’s very handy to have an editor just in case.

GitQlient tiny text editor
GitQlient – Tiny text editor

The future

For the next release there are some nice features already planned:

  • Add subtree Git feature support
  • Git LFS
  • RPM and DEB packages
  • Prepare GitQlient for translations

As I said, you can see the release planning and all the features that every release will contain in the Release Plan.

As always, if you’d like some feature or you’re missing something in GitQlient, check that it’s not yet in the backlog and open an issue on GitHub!

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