Released GitQlientPlugin 1.2.0 for QtCreator

I’m happy to announce the release of GitQlientPlugin 1.2.0

A month ago I released the version 1.1.0 of GitQlient. With that I shipped some improvements, a few fixes and a big new functionality I was missing: the Merge view.

I still have to add some features and add OSX support in GitQlient, but for now the code is fully compatible with the three big ones (Linux, Mac and Windows).

What was missing is some fixes at plugin level, even that I’ve tried to be on track with it, I prefer to focus on GitQlient as app. However, after a month I think I have a stable version of the plugin that can be ship or at least published as version.

I’ve generated two binaries: one for Linux, compiled with GCC 5.3.1 and another with MSVC2017 32bits. The main reason is because those are the compilers that QtCreator uses and then I make sure that the dependencies, that are shipped as dynamic libraries work well. As you can see, Mac is still the pending task.

The binaries

You can find the binaries for GitQlientPlugin 1.2.0 on the release section on the GitHub repo:

Further work

Since GitQlientPlugin is a wrap of GitQlient, you can see the release planning and all the features that every release will contain in the Release Plan for GitQlient.

As always, if you’d like some feature or you’re missing something in GitQlient or in GitQlientPlugin, check that it’s not yet in the backlog and open an issue on GitHub!

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