Released GitQlientPlugin 1.3.0 for QtCreator

I’m happy to announce the release of GitQlientPlugin 1.3.0

Three weeks ago I released a new version of GitQlient and now is the time to update the GitQlient plugin for QtCreator.

The new version of the plugin includes all the features already released in GitQlient. That includes the new tab system, the text editor as well as all the modifications in the UX/UI.

The binaries

You can find the binaries for GitQlientPlugin 1.3.0 on the release section on the GitHub repo. This time the plugin has come just after the release of Qt Creator 4.13, for that reason I’m providing versions for QtCreator 4.12 and 4.13.

Further work

Since GitQlientPlugin is a wrap of GitQlient, you can see the release planning and all the features that every release will contain in the Release Plan for GitQlient.

As always, if you’d like some feature or you’re missing something in GitQlient or in GitQlientPlugin, check that it’s not yet in the backlog and open an issue on GitHub!


kkk says:

Hi, great project! It would be also great to see it in Debian:)

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